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Is that a travel allowance or LAFHA?

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Extra tax on super contributions for high income earners

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Treasury amends LRBA requirements for SMSFs – again

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Be prepared: What you should bring to your tax appointment

ATO waves a red flag on deductions for holiday rentals

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Who is assessable on interest income? Those who "benefit"

What is a tax loss, and how can it be turned to good use?

End-of-year tax planning tips for business

Company tax franking implications

Business costs, and the deductibility of interest expenses

Are personal carer travel costs claimable? It depends

The CGT implications of subdividing and building on the family property

Simplified depreciation and the small business pool

What is your "total superannuation balance" and why does it matter?

Getting deductions for clothing and laundry expenses right

Gumtree or Facebook group sourced assets, and the realities of making a claim

FBT and cars – a perennial head-scratcher

Can salary sacrifice work for you?

SMSFs and the in-house asset rules explained

Share dividend income and franking credits

Tax and the sharing economy

New backpacker tax rules

Recent changes to the assets test for pensioners

The process (and pros and cons) of 'electing' to be a family trust

Tax office (and other dealings) when someone dies

Home office deductions: What substantiation will the ATO accept?

SMSFs need to prepare for the new transfer balance cap

Christmas party: Examples from the ATO

Donations - extending the festive cheer (in a tax efficient way)

Getting a valuation from the ATO - locking in tax valuation certainty

The ATO's compliance focus for SMSF's in 2016-17

5 tips to get home office deductions right

Dealing with tax debts - don't let them put you in a spin

Controversial super change scrapped - but other proposals need to be watched

Start-up businesses: Which is the right structure for you?

Travel to a workplace: What's in, what's out

When is refinancing loan interest deductible to a partnership?

Setting up an SMSF: What you need to know

Borrowed money to pay a business tax debt? Is the interest deductible?

What types of legal expenses are allowable as tax deductions?

$20,000 write off is only available for small business, unless…

I'm a volunteer – any tax issues associated with honorariums, reimbursements or allowances?

SMSF trustee with the travel bug? How to keep your fund compliant

Be aware of all the tax implications of renting out all or part of your home

Gumboots – check. Akubra – check. Tax status - hobby farming or primary production?

It is important that you know common characteristics of a scam to identify potential fraudsters

This brief checklist of information may be useful to prepare for your tax return appointment

New withholding rules on the sale of property by foreign residents have been introduced

Many investment property owners may be missing out on valuable residential property depreciation entitlements

SMSF trustees should make arrangements about wills, guardians and enduring powers of attorney

If done correctly, salary packaging is one way to increase the take-home pay of an employee

Business owners should be aware that not all of employee benefits attract FBT

Choosing the right business structure, whether a sole trader or a company, is extremely important

Accessing SMSF funds to pay benefits is generally only allowed when you reach "preservation age"

The ATO issues guidance to consider if an expense is a repair or an improvement

Trust structures and their use can often be misunderstood, so we demystify the jargon

This examines pros and cons of an individual or a corporate SMSF trusteeship structure

The Restart program is a wage subsidy program to encourage employers to hire older workers

Most small business owners have not done enough succession planning to make a smooth exit

The ATO is using data matching to identify policies covering a range of luxury assets

Small businesses will be able to change legal structures without an immediate CGT liability

SMSF members should use a death benefit nomination to direct how benefits are paid

Personal use of business assets may trigger a tax issue known as "Division 7A"

Employee or contractor? 12 myths and assumptions when deciding the tax status of a job

Producing assessable income at home can result in claimable expenses and tax deductions

Ten tax deductions that many taxpayers mistakenly believe to be claimable

Simple checklist for family businesses considering succession planning in the near future

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